Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Solenn Heussaff Says Conflict W/ Sam Pinto Is Part of The Promo

People were intrigued when news came out aboutSolenn Heussaff taking the female lead role in the movie Boy Pick-Up instead of Sam Pinto who’s mostly associated with Boy since she plays Neneng B onBubble Gang. So after that, in true showbiz fashion, more and more news came out that Solenn and Sam are at odds with each other. It was practically a go with the flow, after the fact.
Now that the movie is about to be shown in theaters, credit to Solenn for pointing out that her supposed conflict with Sam Pinto is probably just part of the promo. Imagine that, hahaha!
What about the rumored rift between her and Sam Pinto who plays Neneng B in the movie?“Naku, wala ‘yun. Part siguro ng promo, para may intriga, pero wala talaga kaming away.”

Monday, June 25, 2012

Solenn Heussaff stole Sam Pinto's role?

Actress Solenn Heussaff shrugged off the allegation that she stole Sam Pinto’s role in the upcoming movie “Boy Pick Up” starring TV host-comedian Ogie Alcasid.

Solenn Heusaff
Reports said people thought that Sam, who plays “Neneng Bakit” in the Bubble Gang segment, would be Ogie’s leading lady. Solenn has denied any knowledge as to why the role was given to her instead.

“Oo nga. Hindi ko alam kung ano ang nangyari,” said Solenn in an interview with PEP. “But I love you, Sam, I didn’t take your place!”

The versatile French-Filipina said she and Sam are friends and are brushing the intrigues aside.

“Kami ni Sam, dedma lang. Hindi kami magpapa-apekto,” Solenn reportedly said.

“Boy Pick Up” is a spin-off of Ogie’s character in Bubble Gang, a sketch comedy show on GMA-7. Solenn revealed that shooting for said movie will start in February.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bianca King in a custody battle with Sam Pinto?

CEBU, Philippines - Tonight, two of GMA’s most gorgeous actresses – Bianca King and Sam Pinto — will star alongside the papable JC Tiuseco in an episode of Spooky Nights.
Bianca King plays the role of an expectant mother Laura. Since she is about to deliver her third child, she and her husband Jeffrey (JC Tiuseco) looks for a yaya to take care of their new baby. But Laura has had enough of those sexy yayas who end up being her husband’s concubines. And so, she exercises more caution in choosing the next one. Ultimately, she opts for one who is way old to be her husband’s mother. 
But her new babysitter won’t stay for long. She would be murdered by the resentful ghost of a former babysitter of a family who lived in the same house several years before Laura and Jeffrey. The murderer named Shirley (Sam Pinto) will hypnotize Laura to admit her as a babysitter. 
As soon as Laura gives birth, Shirley kidnaps her baby and considers it as her own. In the past, while babysitting, she was impregnated by her master and was forced to abort the baby. Bothered by her conscience, she hung herself. 
Laura and Jeffrey will do whatever it takes to take back their daughter from Shirley even if it includes risking their own lives but Shirley is going to prove that she is a tough foe to beat.
Find out how this battle ends tonight, on Spooky Nights presents Kasambahay after Manny Many Prizes on GMA-7. (FREEMAN)